Web design is everything if you want to establish an online presence. Even though you may have a web page already, it does not mean that it is a good web page or site. Pull up your own site/page now, and see if it has the following three characteristics of poor web design. These issues are entirely fixable if you engage the web design services mentioned:

Very Vanilla

A web page or site that is described as "very vanilla" typically picks a two- or three-color palette for the entire page/site. The exact same colors and blocks of color are seen on every single page. It is not very interesting to look at, and it looks like a third grader designed it. This is an easy fix; each page has to use a different color scheme. It also helps to move blocks of color around on the page so that every page appears to be different from the next. If there is a specific reason why you want to use the same colors over and over again, trying using shades or tints of the same color palette.

Text Is Lengthy, Complicated, or Difficult to Understand

Sure, you want people to know and trust that you are an "expert," but you also do not want people to be confused, bored, or frustrated. Break the text up with pictures, clip art, or use lists and bullet points wherever possible. Also, refrain from using professional jargon unless you provide an example or definition immediately following the words and phrases that John Q. Public might not understand.

Links Are Broken, Outdated, or Do Not Work

Links to your social media pages are great, but only if they are not broken, outdated, or do not work at all. Always check your own links. You may need to use a friend's computer to do this since your own computer will automatically connect you to your own page/site without requesting a password. (You own it, so your computer will automatically log you in.) If you find a bad link, it will need to be fixed. Do not try to fix these issues yourself, since they will already register as fixed and you will get nowhere.

Give the Job to Someone Else

If you did your own web site or page, you may want to hand these jobs off to a web design service expert. The expert can overhaul your site/page so that it is significantly better and everything works. Then you will draw more attention to your site, which is exactly what you want.

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