Playing a variety of games online is a great way to socialize with other people and enjoy some of your favorite software applications. When connecting online on a consistent basis, you want to ensure that you have the proper security and protection for your computer. Keeping yourself protected from harmful viruses or malware is essential as many gaming accounts can contain sensitive data, passwords, and payment information. As an online gamer, there are four specific service upgrades you should look for. Each upgrade will provide you with the protection and features to fully enjoy the online gaming experience without any problems.

Computer Tune Up Services

Adware, unwanted software, and viruses can all cause your computer to use valuable resources. In the gaming world, this can create major problems like extended loading times or lag. Dealing with gaming delays like lag can impact your performance or make a game challenging to play at all. When purchasing virus software, it's a good idea to upgrade to packages that include tune-up services. These services will eliminate unnecessary and unwanted software that takes up internet speed and causes problems with your online gaming. By running a tune-up scan, adware and viruses can be detected and automatically removed. This will help free up a lot of memory on your computer and allow games to perform smoother.

Automatic Back-Up Services

When playing online games, your computer stores a lot of files including saved games, software data, and upgrades you may have downloaded. If your computer crashes or suffers from a virus, then you could lose a lot of this data permanently. Instead of risking the gaming data loss, you can keep it protected with automatic back-up services that are built into your virus protection software. When setting up the software, you can set automatic back-up schedules for your computer. Ideally these services would run at a time when you're not using the computer for gaming. Along with gaming data, the back-up services can be used for photos, videos, and other personal files you store on your computer.

Web-Portal Protection

Many online gamers are not just limited to a desktop computer. Online gaming may be played on tablets, laptops, or phones. If this is the case, then you can get protection for all of those devices through a single virus protection web portal. Instead of installing separate software on each device, a web portal gives you access to the same account over multiple devices. Web-based protection can include full scans of the devices and real-time protection as you play games online. You can also use these portals to run scans or receive alerts from different devices. For example, if you are using your tablet, you can connect to your main computer to run a virus scan or to back up the original software. This can help you manage all of your devices and ensure that they are actively protected.

Gamer Mode

Many computer and virus companies understand the needs of gamers and have created services that directly relate to their needs. This is often referred to as gamer mode. When you're playing online games, a virus software gaming mode will simply monitor activity to ensure that your firewall and computer is properly protected. Scans and back-up services will be delayed until the gaming session is complete. The gamer mode also prevents pop-up messages and notifications from appearing on the screen. This allows you to enjoy full-screen gaming without any interference. Gamer mode can typically be activated with just a few clicks on your screen. Once you get used to the new software, it will be easy to activate each time you go to play a game.

Contact computer anti-virus services for more information on the different programs that you can have installed on your computer.