Since many people use some form of technology to share contact information or promote their business, you may believe business cards are an outdated marketing tool. Although business cards are not used as frequently to share contact information, they continue to have relevance when promoting your business or service.

The Look And Feel Of Professionalism

The look and feel of high-quality business cards will impress potential clients because it offers an experience technology cannot replicate. Business cards with a clear and colorful business logo and professional formatting give recipients the impression you are serious about your business. The recipient will immediately notice the feel of the business card, such as whether it feels like it was made from thick cardstock or if it has a unique texture.

Unique features, such as business cards made from plastic or embossed with foil lettering, will also stand out. Both the visual and tactile experience of your business cards can leave an impact on the recipient, more than what a simple exchange of information or a virtual business card can do.

Business Promotion Without Boundaries

Most or all of your business information is probably online and you may use a mobile device to collect and store contact information. You can embed virtual business cards in emails or share them with another phone via Bluetooth, making physical business cards seem useless. Business cards continue to have a place in society, especially in a fast-paced world. You can hand a potential business contact or customer a business card within seconds, even if you are both in a rush. Business cards are not dependent on batteries, signal strength or networks to work.

Even simple ways of spreading your contact information with business cards can be effective. You may want to leave business cards at public places, such as coffee shops or libraries, where people are likely to notice them. If you frequently travel or commute, this is an ideal opportunity to leave a business card on a flight or train, which may help you reach people from across the country.

Easy Integration With Technology

Just because you prefer using the internet and your mobile device to share information about your business does not mean business cards cannot merge with technology. A good way to have the best of both worlds is to integrate QR codes with your business cards. If the recipient prefers keeping business cards, they can have a physical record of your contact information. For recipients that prefer virtual contact information, they can simply scan the QR code and download your contact information or go directly to your website.

Stand Out Among The Crowd

Since many people believe business cards are outdated, this is an opportunity to have something unique to offer in networking situations. Business cards provide a way for you to have direct interaction with potential clients and actively network with business professionals. Most people will not expect you to hand them a business card, so the gesture can open the lines of communication and make you seem approachable.

Potential clients are more likely to remember you and their experience talking with you because you had a different approach. Handing out business cards can be less intimidating than asking someone to exchange contact information. You may avoid in-person networking because you are unsure if potential business contacts will be receptive of you. Handing out business cards can take the pressure off you in social situations, because it is rare anyone will refuse a business card.

Although using technology for your business is important, relying strictly on technology can cost you potential clients. Investing in high-quality, professional business cards designed by graphic design services will give you the opportunity to promote your business in almost any situation.