Every business owner knows the importance of security systems to protect their business locations. While almost all security systems include basic features like theft alarms and surveillance cameras, some systems provide additional functionality that can greatly improve their effectiveness. Here are four advanced features that you should look for when purchasing a new commercial security system.

Electronic Access Control

The most obvious way of preventing unwanted access at your business locations is stopping intruders at the door. Electronic access control systems provide a more effective method for controlling when employees and guests are able to enter the building. Instead of keys that can easily be duplicated, you can provide visitors with magnetic key cards.

Many businesses employ security guards that can open doors for visitors, but this is not as effective as electronic access. Some intruders can make very convincing cases that can fool security guards into thinking they should have access to the building. With an electronic access system, you can be sure that no one will get past your doors if, or when, they are not supposed to be there. This is especially true if you are using an advanced system with biometric access control.

External Monitoring

Closed-circuit television surveillance is a key feature of any commercial security system. However, hiring employees to monitor the security cameras 24/7 would be financially prohibitive for many small businesses. Many commercial security providers offer external monitoring services when you purchase their security systems.

External monitoring is superior to motion-activated cameras in a number of ways. The security company will immediately be aware if there is a problem at your business location and can contact your cell phone, home phone, or emergency services if necessary. External monitoring services take advantage of advanced video analytics to virtually eliminate the false alarms that you would experience with motion cameras.

Wireless Intrusion Prevention

Unfortunately, physical theft is not the only security threat that businesses need to be prepared for. Securing your business's wireless network is essential to protect customers' data. A wireless intrusion protection system can prevent common network attacks such as man-in-the-middle attacks, where data is intercepted between customer devices and your wireless access point, and "honeypot" attacks, where a wireless intruder sets up an alternate access point that is meant to look like a legitimate one provided by your business.

A wireless intrusion prevention system consists of radio sensors to detect rogue packet data on your network, a computer or server to analyze the data, and a console to perform administrative functions. The system can be installed in private network configurations that are disconnected from the internet or hosted configurations that allow you to access the system remotely.

Remote Video Access

The ability to tune in to their surveillance system's video feed from a home computer or mobile device would provide greater peace of mind for many business owners. Advanced commercial security systems make this possible with remote video access technology. Whether you are at home, on a business trip, or even on vacation, remote video access allows you to personally check up on your business location's well-being.

If you have interior cameras installed, remote video access can provide an extra benefit by improving employee productivity and reducing employee theft. This tendency to be more productive when observed is scientifically known as the Hawthorne Effect. If employees know that the business owner can be watching at any time, they are more likely to perform their job responsibly and refrain from activities that could threaten their position in the company.

Installing a commercial security system is something that every business owner should do as soon as possible after a new business location opens. Be sure to look for these features when shopping for your next security system so you can get the best value for your money. For more information, contact a local security company, like Guardian Security Solutions in Lethbrigde